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Display the same cms collections on different pages. HELP

On my site i have made an event cms collection which show all of the Events happening in order by date. This collection have a dedicated page where you can see all upcoming events, but i would like to have a featured event on the homepage where only the next upcoming event from the collection is showcased. How can i make this happend?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Den Åbne Scene Fyn

You can limit the amount of collection items here:

Just set it to one and sort it so the only one showing is the most recent/upcoming one.

thanks, but i already tried that. The problem is that if i change the item limit on one page it also changes on another page which holds the same collection. And what i want to do is to be able to have the same collection on different page, but make it so that they show different amount of items (The home page needs to only show one item from the collection, and the “events page” needs to show all of the collection items).

No this is the right way. You need to insert a new collection and bind it to the same. You’ve made a “symbol” with the collection in which means reusing the same collection on multiple pages. Just make another one.

Oh you are right i totally forgot about the symbol! Thank you so much man!!