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How connect the same CMS collection to a set of elements with differents design and not only one

Hello. Help! Challenge CMS collection. Now I’m blocking. For a blog, usually we connect a CMS collection with an element (a card) that will be duplicated depending on the number of articles. But here, I would like to connect the same collection to ONE SET of elements (cards) that have different structures or layouts and don’t always use the same fields. In my example below (Home page - NEWS section), this is especially true for the 1st news compared to the following ones.

In this example, I want the last 5 items of the same collection on my page with a next button for the next ones. The problem here is that item N°1 is duplicated 5 times, the same for item N°2 after clicking on the next button. Is it possible to have the same CMS collection connected to a really different set of items? If not, how to get around the problem (by avoiding having a collection per item)? Thank you very much for your ideas.

François (France)

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