How to put a sub-site under a Webflow website

Hello. I have a site created and is hosting on Webflow, let’s say:

Is it possible to put a custom-built application like this?

How to do so?

Thanks in advance.

Well you could potentially simply build out a site within a site using the /app slug and keep it contained either within the page or within a created /app folder only linking to relevant pages. You can also create a subdomain on your domain registrar like and use the 301 redirects on the site settings to point /app to the new subdomain and then you can set up a completely different site that you are essentially linking to. I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for replying. But I don’t quite get it yet.
Let’s take Webflow as an example…

This is the main site created by Webflow and is hosting on Webflow.

( A ) A separated Webflow site, but putting it under the another Webflow site.
No idea how to do this as well. ( I created another post for this. )

( B ) A Webflow site hosted under a subdomain, easy and straight-forward.

( C ) A custom site or application under a Webflow site.
On a sub-directory; no redirect, not using a subdomain.

The way ( C ) configured is about what I would like to archive. I would like to build a web-based application as if part of the main website (, a Webflow site) and but it is actually hosting on AWS, and the URL would be


You cannot do A as a separate site since your domain is already taken up and hosted on Webflow with your main site. What you can do is have /blog forward to a subdomain that your second site is hosted on like

I’m honestly a bit confused about the rest of it. I’m not sure what the purpose is. Basically each site in Webflow needs it’s own domain or subdomain. You can’t have a /page of any kind be a site, it would only 301 redirect when you set it up to do that.