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Direct Client Billing for Hosting Fees

It would make it so much easier if we could keep a client’s site within our own account but be able the client to be billed separately the $4.99 monthly hosting charge on their credit card.

It would enable time and external fees to be saved through invoicing and billing.

Please make this happen asap Webflow!



Yes! Please!
As a designer I can not easily accept credit cards or debit money from my clients account. I have to write invoices for the small amount of 5-10 $ every month and my client has to pay manually. Thats a whole load of stress.

If you could add an option to every hosting tab that would be super awesome. It would make the process much more easy for us and the client side as well.

Maybe it would be the easiest if the client itself can register on The registration generates a unique referal code, which our client can send us. We could then insert it in the hosting tab. After that the two accounts are connected. The client gets an email to billing information in his own account and will be billed monthly.


@buntestrahlen we’re working on this right now. :smile:


Would be cool to be able to put our branding on the invoice webflow sends out as well!

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@DanUK1 @SPI @buntestrahlen How much will you guys be charging your clients monthly?

@thesergie I can’t speak for everybody here but I think what he was referring to is having something on each individual site’s backend (in the hosting or billing section) where you can email an invoice to your client for the amount of $5/basic hosting or $10/CMS hosting. I’m not sure everyone utilizes the “Organizations” feature as often as one should and so they add the clients site to their own personal webflow account, but would like to bill them separately for the hosting.

If this does happen in the future, I would like to see our personal branding (logo or colors etc.) in the invoice that get’s sent out, which can still incorporate webflows logo as well. It makes it more professional and easier to trust us when we send a form for payment through email.

As far as actually billing clients a monthly fee for web design services, I guess it all depends. We handle branding, visuals, advertising (billboards, posters etc.) so it’s a lot more than what the average person would charge for web design and development. Although I know a few different people who would benefit from this, maybe @DanUK1 or @buntestrahlen could weigh in on this more and help with a better answer.

Everything you mentioned is in scope with the feature. If you had a client and you’re just charging for web design, development, and hosting what do you charge them each month? I’m sure not all your clients would need full creative services (ads, etc)

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@thesergie Sounds great! Very true. I have a personal design company that I handle on the side that averages about $200/month per site on upkeep, so this would be a much appreciated feature. Unfortunately, the company that is associated with this account only handles full service (BTW I am not the owner of this company). It’s more theatrical and advertising than web design.

I really look forward to seeing the future update! :grinning:

@thesergie i would only charge my clients the original hosting price! which would be $5 without and $10 with the cms. for everything else i would write an invoice by myself. just as usual!


For now as a designer just doing a few sites for clients I would charge 5 or 10. If I had my own company doing more sites I think I would consider talking a higher monthly fee. Or perhaps have two options depending on client needs, one time fee or monthly.

I really need this now! @thesergie can you tell us more about when this will be implemented? :blush:

We’re chugging away on it. :slight_smile:

Why not just put your own card on file with Webflow and then bill your clients annually? The client doesn’t need to pay for the software you use to build their website, they should only be paying you for the service you render. I’m not saying don’t charge them for the project expenses, but there’s no need to charge the client separately for everything.

Line item the Webflow expense in an invoice along with all the other project expenses (domain, stock images, media buys) and bill the client.

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I will be needing this functionality very soon for a new client. Any chance it’ll be released very soon?

This is great to hear, thanks @thesergie!

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Any news on this? The ability to bill clients would be a way to avoid having to sette them separated accounts and keep “control” over our projects…
Can this be expected any time soon?


As a short term workaround couldn’t there be an option to pay hosting annually rather than monthly? For me the sticking point at the moment is that I would have to take on a monthly expense but can only charge the client annually (the way my business is setup). If I could pay a lump sum and charge the client a lump sum that would pretty much solve the problem.

Hi @sparky, check this post out also: Consolidation of invoices and annual billing for hosting subscriptions

Improvements will continue to be made in this area :slight_smile:

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