One time client bills

I’m new to Webflow, so maybe I just haven’t seen how to do this.

But it would be super nice if in addition to the automated monthly/yearly charges/invoices/etc we could send our clients custom charges that are not automated.

A use case example…

I’m a designer, who is offering branding/websites/hosting to customers via Webflow, more specifically my demographic is small businesses.

What I have found so far is many of these small businesses tend to be extremely price sensitive, and often don’t expect to need changes on their sites very often at all (my first two clients both have had their current sites sitting completely unchanged for over 5 years, one didn’t even bother updating an outdated address :joy:).

What I think would be perfect for both myself, and customers such as these is if I could do custom, one time charges right in the same platform I charge them for their site. Rather than putting a huge markup on the monthly hosting under the assumption “I’ll be spending at least a few hours each month working on this site after it’s up” I could offer much lower monthly payments to these customers, with the stipulation that additional hours would need to be billed as they arise. So if one of these clients went a year without any site changes, they’d just have their small monthly payment. Then when the day finally came they needed some changes and updates, I could bill them for the time spent making said changes, separate from the hosting.

Or for example if I wanted to charge an initial one time setup fee of the clients site, if that could be in the same place and platform as their monthly payments so I’m not sending them all sorts of places and methods of billing.
This would also double as a great tool for those clients where you end up being their go-to designer after the initial branding and website. Whenever they need any collateral designed you could bill them again right through the same platform they receive all the other bills from you.

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Hi @chadjdesign

Welcome to Webflow! :webflow_heart:

We have something close to this within our Client Billing feature - in that you can set any profit amount on the monthly or annual hosting, and change the amount before the next billing payment is due.

That link takes you to the section explaining how to make the changes.

If you envisage these charges could be needed a few times each year, then an idea would be to go for monthly billing and change the profit amount each month so you collect the additional payments close to the time the work is completed. It’s not possible to send a separate invoice for additional profit on an ad-hoc basis, these charges need to be linked to either the next monthly or annual charge.

I hope that’s useful, and feel free to add your ideas to any existing items, or create a new one on our Wishlist

Thanks Stu, I think that solution could work great for some of the use cases! I’ll throw this on the wishlist as well, as I think there are still some use cases this wouldn’t solve for (such as people billed annually).