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For many of us who are in countries not yet supported in the client billing section of Webflow, I suggest having the ability to generate invoices for our clients, who want a Webflow Hosting invoice, where we can add our “Desired Monthly Profit” and generate Webflow hosting invoices which we can send to our clients (downloadable pdf format) for offline payment. We can pay Webflow as we do now monthly or annually. But our clients receive an invoice or a retainer invoice for them to pay us in advance. What do you guys think? or any other suggestions?

  • Yes, I really need this feature!
  • No, I feel that this is not as important as other items on the wishlist.

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A good option is using an external invoicing tool. Like Zoho Books (or invoice), they can pay you for hosting etc (online or offline)

Take a look.

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I use Zoho Invoice. It’s great for me. But I tell my clients about Webflow; so, One client wanted a Webflow branded Invoice. That’s why I was asking if this is possible or might be possible.

Thanks again