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Client Billing - Invoices

Hi there,

A client of mine who is setup with Client Billing has asked me for an invoice for the monthly hosting. She received the following receipt of payment email:

Hi (clients name),

You have been charged $X0.00 for (website name). If you have any questions please just reply to this email or email me at (my email).

Best regards,
(My Company Name)

Firstly, I was surprised that my client was not issued an invoice each month with their receipt of payment. Is this the case or has my client missed the email containing the invoice? I searched and read through the Webflow University articles but found nothing on it.

Secondly, I have purchased a Webflow Bulk Hosting plan. I went to download the invoice in the site setting > billing section so that I could forward it to my client. However, the invoice has my bulk hosting credits on it which I don’t want my client to see for obvious reasons.

Also, I don’t want to have to download and send an invoice like this every month for every client. Surely it can be automated with the receipt email?

Webflow - can you tell us more about how client billing works on the client side with regard to invoicing as currently it’s a black box for us designers @Brando @AnnaKelian

Thanks in advance

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I’ve had the same issue with a client (without the bulk hosting). Client billing becomes useless if the client doesn’t automatically receive his invoice from webflow…

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This is an issue I reported to Webflow approximately two years ago, and they were very responsive - but nothing has been fixed.

I have the same issue - I have to remember to send my client their invoice each month, and the invoice has my details on it. Which, to the tax office over here, suggests that the money has been paid to me, and this is a huge problem.

If client billing is set up, the client should receive the emails monthly with their details on the invoice, not mine.

Hopefully this can be raised up a notch in importance, wonderful Webflow folks? :slight_smile:


Steve Holmes
Creative Director




I’ve been asking about this a couple of times and I know they’re are looking in to this. Here’s a wishlist item for you to vote on.


Anything from Webflow on this @Brando @PixelGeek?

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Hi @Diarmuid_Sexton

Thanks for requesting an update on this feature request.

We don’t have any updates now as far as being able to provide a time frame for this enhancement.

I can tell you our entire Support team is a huge proponent of an update like this and we are pushing the envelope internally. We can definitely see the benefits for something like this and are just as stoked for when we’ll have it available.

While building updates for existing features is always a priority, the team has been working hard on improving other areas of the product, while also building out CSS Grid, Ecommerce, and a few other features.

We definitely appreciate your patience and support while we work to improve all areas of the product. The time for improving client billing will definitely come, and I wish I had a time frame for you. The best I can say at this time is to vote and comment on the Wishlist item to push that item up the list.



Thanks for the reply @brando.

Looking forward to seeing it live…

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Hi guys,

I have a related question about this. I just setup client billing for a client and the receipt states:

Is it also possible to not show the credit used section on the client side receipts?

Oh man, I’m one step away from jumping on the Webflow boat and seriously hope this issue has been fixed by now (Nov 14th, 2019). If not then i will have to rethink returning to Wordpress and sending manual invoices and that would suck…hopefully solved by now especially considering how much WF has grown and their received funding!

Almost 4 years since first report of this issue and you guys didn’t manage to implement this basic function? That’s a bummer.