Different CMS Styling


Been using CMS for some time now. Great thing, that is. But have one question.
Now, when styling content, all of the item get same styling. Is it possible to style differently those items? Let’s say, One some items want to be squares, some rectangular, and some in portrait mode. For now, only option to achieve this is separate collections. on a same page. But problem is, that are limit of 20 collections per page.

Any useful idea, how to overcome that?

Please help me,

Hi @dva12

You can work around this by designing different blocks of content, and using filtering/conditional visibility.

So just as an example, say you have 5 different styled blocks to show info from one collection list. Create those blocks on one page.

In the CMS - add 5 style ‘switches’ in the collection fields - and choose which style each collection item will have.

In your dynamic list on the page - go to filter by ‘x Switch is on’ and Conditional Visibility could also be used on the block itself so the block hides if there are no items.

Hope that’s useful :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for reply

I understand, that conditional visibility is working when parameters are set.
everything OK here. What I am trying to do is have different sizes of collection items in same collection.
Let’s say I have a blog. One post should be 400px width by 400px height. Another 800px by 400px, third 600px by 400px. Featured post should be full width of parent div. And so on.
When inserting Collection on page and styling it, DIV inside Collection Item, can be only one height and width.

How to do that with conditional visibility?


there is an option to do that? @dva12

Bump on this, im trying to get cms items to overlap on the corners but they all style the same so it doesnt work