Use CMS Collection Fields to change design

i wonder if there is any possibility to use CMS entries to influence design options. I do not mean using filters or using a color field or switch field. One simple example would be controlling the image width by an option field in the CMS. Let’s say you have 3 options, 100% 50% 25%, from which the editor can choose and that will decide how the image is displayed -> full size, half size…

(sorry for my bad english)
Thanks in advance

You would still need to have different elements for each of these options. So I’m the example you mentioned you would have three images each with the appropriate widths and the use conditional visibility to display if option is something.

You could imagine a Portfolio Grid. Where some projects are displayed full width, others half width and others 1/4. (depending on how important they seem to me). In my CMS Collection called Projects I would place under the Main Project Image an Option Field where the editor could choose.
Or even easier. On a project page horizontal images should be shown 100% width and vertical images 50%. An Option Field lets you choose.
But my question is more general! I would like to know if I can use CMS entries (Option Fields, numbers in text fields…) for design purposes. From simple things like the size of a margin to complicate ideas like how wide a that Collection Entry should span in a grid…

Take a look at this video:

The website utlises content blocks to build out pages, I would take a look at how the CMS is set up and how each element is styled - you can create what you need from this concept.