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Collection pages–unique structure per item?

Hello! General question here.

I am blown away by the power of CMS collections. However, each of my “projects” (project design case studies) in this collection are pretty unique. They share the same intro (hero image, overview details, etc.), but have unique content structure/quantity (different sections, image layouts, etc.).

Is there any way to have individual discrete pages for each collection item that share dynamic (CMS-supplied) collection content in some places but have unique/static content otherwise? Or, is CMS collections not an adequate mechanism for long project case studies?


Wait. I just realized I could use one big Rich Text block for the main body of the case study. Looks like I can put images in there? Wow. Need to dig into this a bit… :neutral_face: :sweat_smile:

This is definitely an option, and combining it with the Advanced Rich Text Styling can lead to some pretty robust page layouts.

If you’re looking for more control over heavily designed sections, you can always utilize Conditional Visibility to hide/show whole groups of elements based on specific content in the collection item:

Keep in mind that Conditional Visibility (currently) only visually hides these elements based on the specific collection item, so take that in consideration when designing the pages. Hiding large amounts of content may still affect page load speed, however I’ve found that it’s not a huge issue as long as you’re not including tons of content across all pages that’s mainly hidden based on the specific item.

That said, combining Conditional Visibility with Advanced Rich Text Styling should give you plenty of flexibility for just about any differences between your case studies :+1:

Wow yes all of this is great. Thank you!!!