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Detachable Navigator panel feature request

It would be very useful to see the structure at all time. An option to display the Navigator panel at all time would be great, I have 2500 pixels to play with on a 27 inches screen :slight_smile: Detachable option for designers with two screens.

Also some collapsing options, auto-collapse options maybe…


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Totally @vincent! That’s a planned feature.


Just collapse, or detachable Navigator as well? That actually is a bigger topic I’ve thought about but haven’t seen posted - tool window management. Without getting carried away, the Navigator is one of the first panels I’d like to see be able to be separated from the rest of the right rail tools.

Detachability limited to within the browser window work area natch - @vincent, I assume you mean to use a second screen by stretching your window across both screens. Multiple browser windows for one app would be a bit of magic probably even beyond the webflow wizards :wink:

I know I was going too fast at thinking it. I don’t really want a detachable panel, just a persistant one in the app window.

We’ll be giving the ability to drag any panel out of the group so it sits next to the other panel. So no-multi screen support, but this will let you have your navigator open at all times. Release TBD of course.