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Collapsable Navigator

I saw this come up a while back in another thread, but have run up against it often enough that I thought it could use its own thread…

For some of my sites, the Navigator panel is starting to get a bit out of control, and having a collapse/expand feature of some kind might really help. I appreciate that there are a few approaches to this, and I don’t have a detailed solution to suggest at hand, but fwiw, here are a few thoughts about things that might be nice:

  • collapse/expand all
  • collapse/expand individual items
  • collapse/expand like selectors (that’s a curve ball and definitely not something I couldn’t live without; it happens that it would be hand in one use case I’ve got, but it could be an edge case and the UX to pull it off feels like it would be overly complex, so not worth the tradeoff. But hey, it’s a wish list, right?)
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Thanks for the feedback ! All suggestions and ideas are taken into consideration by the development team. Your thoughts on this are appreciated :smile:

I certainly second collapse/expand all. Especially collapse all! Sometimes when reordering the structure it can be really hard if everything is expanded.

Definitely needed! When the list gets very long, it’s almost impossible to navigate quickly.

Hey guys, we’re already working on a much-improved navigator, so stay tuned! :smiley:

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