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Webflow's Homepage as a Template

Can the Webflow Team please make the Webflow Homepage available as a template?
Also, under Team Plans, there is no templates unlike when on a normal plan which sucks as templates are a great place to start, even for teams.

Thanks for the feedback @smmj. We’ll be adding a whole bunch of new templates very soon which will be available for teams as well.

What do you like about the webflow homepage? Maybe I can make a template like it that is more flexible for different businesses.

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Hi @smmj - a quick workaround for now would be to create the site (with the template you want) under your personal account, then transfer it over to the org.

Was the webflow site built in webflow? Seems like it has some aspects that are not possible to do IN webflow yet. Either way, a tutorial on how to build the webflow website within webflow would be killer.


@thesergie I agree with @Tim_Macchi

A tutorial on how to do that would be awesome.
There needs to be more templates and a tool to remove all the unused CSS eg. if the template starts off with a slider but you remove the slider, it should also remove the CSS for the slider on export.

There needs to be more dark themes!

Perhaps also more tutorials, I’m almost convinced on purchasing Webflow but the template selection isn’t great at the moment.

Everything that is visible at can be done in webflow… I don’t see a single thing that I couldn’t make in Webflow…

@Tim_Macchi We had to hand code the current homepage because we could not implement a signup form (with email and password) inside Webflow. But with our upcoming release of Interactions I can easily create Webflow inside of Webflow (minus the user account sign up form). I can definitely make a video tutorial for you guys.

@sparkzweb we already have a way to clear “unused” CSS.

We’re also working on a whole bunch of super cool templates for you guys! Sit tight!


@thesergie sounds awesome :smile:

Thanks for clarifying that.
I always see updates/tweaks whenever I open webflow which is great but is there any way to see like a public roadmap of upcoming features?

Also are there any plans on adding stuff to the university?
Last question lol (sorry for so many!) if I ask a question to your support what is the average response time.

The look obviously and just how it’s a product based page. If you could, it would be nice to have a template like the Webflow homepage and a more condensed product based template.

The look and the various different elements.
There needs to be more dark(er) themes.

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I think the power of Webflow is how it reduces the need for any templates at all. Its sooo easy to create your own, just watch one of the tutorials webflow provides. I think webflow should open up template creation to the community, and act as a quality filter for what gets published in the tool, and focus more of their energy on improving the product directly.

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Dang…we wanted to surprise you. :wink: