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Building the Webflow Community

I’ve spent a long time looking at alternatives, but Webflow is currently the best choice for building responsive sites. I want to see Webflow succeed, so I’m making this suggestion. Others will eventually catch up in terms of features, but if you grow a community, you will be here to stay.

Why not open up the templates section to outside submissions? Then offer a free month of Webflow for the authors of the most popular templates. A good community is more valuable than money.

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Hi, vitaligent

From what I know is that this is coming soon. It will be a section for submissions, but if you want to do it now, you can write an email and send them your templates.

Totally agree @vitaligent! That would be awesome! @KreshnikBeqi submitted a template, but we do need to figure out a way to reward people that submit great templates. Any ideas?

Great idea. Gonna start building a few templates right away :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s the time for paid templates we ( the users and designers ) should give pro quality for the webflow library for others to use and make websites, when you as the webflow team see a great demand for pro templates then you can just open a PAID section to the library and accept submissions, then you can choose if the template it’s good or not. It should be like Tumblr…You will have good quality templates for free and paid Pro quality.

@KreshnikBeqi, I completely agree that it’s too early for paid templates. I’m suggesting Webflow reward popular template submissions with a free month of service, or maybe a free hosted domain. The templates should be available to all users for free.

If they started a template “marketplace” or whatever, then this place would get all spammy and irritating. That’s not what I’m suggesting. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, just pinned a forum topic and added this form for those of you who want to make some templates:

Let me know your thoughts and ideas.

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