Designer slowness when switching browser tabs

I’m working on a complex Webflow website for a while now, and I notice that whenever I switch to another browser tab or another application, when I come back the designer is very, very slow.

I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and how you’ve worked around/solved this. Also I’m wondering what the technical reason behind this is.

Site read only link:

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Bigger site’s are slow at the moment, but i received a message that a special team of Webflow is working on it… lets hope so!

Tips for now…
Re-open your browser, and do not use to much tabs…

Developer here from Webflow, currently looking into this issue. Just a few questions for you to help narrow down where the issue might be coming from:

  • Do you have steps to reproduce this issue?
  • Are there any pages that are slower than others?
  • Is Webflow slowing down over time? Or is it slow immediately when you open it up, switch to another app, then switch back again?
  • What operating system & browser + version are you currently using?
  • Does the issue go away when you’re incognito?

Any information here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I have been stuck on the loading screen a few times today when opening a project initially.

Seems to fix itself with a refresh or two but is possibly related to the slowness issue. It has been on 3 separate projects so doesn’t appear to be project or page specific.

All other internet related items are running great so appears my connection is good to go and it is within the webflow designer.

Hey, thanks for your reply. Here are my answers:

I can reproduce this issue by opening the site from my read only link in the opening post and then switching to another application or browser tab. As I alternate between modifying elements and switching between applications, gradually Webflow comes slower and slower.

The slowness presents itself in the form of:

• Lag while scrolling
• Drag and drop of moving/adding elements not working properly due to lag.
• Switching between panels (Navigation, Styles etc.) becomes slow.
• Setting styles and attributes becomes slow.
• Switching to pages becomes slow.

I’m using Safari 11.1 on Mac OS Sierra. But in Chrome 65.0.3325.181 it’s the same.

Important: I get these problems especailly on more complex sites. Especially on pages with a relatively high number of DOM elements ( > 800/1000). Also I have a lot of collections in this site, with a lot of fields and references to other collections.

Hopefully this information helps in tracking down these issues.

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