Designer is Broken on Safari?

Sometimes it won’t even load. I try to simply open a site and copy an element and 20 minutes later I’m still restarting my computer and trying to get the designer to open in Safari. This has been a persistent bug for weeks. Is anyone else having issues with the designer stalling during its loading sequence? This started when they performed the last major update.

hi @Perkail while most probably your issues aren’t related to Safari you should be aware that Webflow strictly recommend Chrome or Firefox to be used when working with Webflow Designer.

Fair enough. I switched to Firefox after posting, but there are still so many bugs in the current build of webflow. Copy/Paste just doesn’t work reliably, much less across properties. You can still get trapped in data fields in the style panel even when switching from component to component. I couldn’t paste plain text into a text field just now…

Unfortunately Firefox is now in position like IE a few year ago (no continues development) before was shut down by Microsoft. Just use Chrome and you should be fine.

Just confirming the designer does not work in Safari at all - it won’t even open up.

To make Safari work, specialy after a crash, clear cache for Webflow, the ad sites it inserts, and fastly CDN