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Designer crash when editing collection field label

Hi webflowers!
I just got my first Weblfow site live today.
Tonight I should do some changes in Collection property. But Webflow crashed 4 times in only 10 minutes. What is wrong??
I can’t change anything, as it crashes every time ?
What shall I do?

We can’t edit collections or collection items in a shared project, so no way for me to test.

I would start with running the browser you are using with no extensions running and in incognito mode. If it persists then see if this is an issue with your local environment, create a new project and add a collection. See if the issue also occurs then I would suspect your client side. If not then it could be a strange issue with the collection. In that case share a console screenshot and open a trouble ticket.

Thanks a lot Webdev! -
I didn’t work in incognito mode.
I will do that and let you know!

Guys, this is a bug. I’ve had this same issue for 2 days, running in and out of cognito mode. What causes the issue is when I open an existing collection settings panel and attempt to change the name of a field in the collection. The moment I either delete a character or select the whole value and start typing the new value…boom…crash report. I’ve sent the crash report every time.

It is the same in incognito mode.
So this must be a bug!!

Confirmed - Opening a trouble ticket. Referenced this topic. Wait for WF support to respond.


Hi @webdev, @neanea6060 and @flowpros, thanks for reporting the issue, I have reached out to our team to get help to get this resolved.

I will come back with an update the moment I have new info.

Thanks in advance


Hi @webdev, @neanea6060 and @flowpros, just wanted to let you know our team was able to identify the root cause of the problem.

A fix was prepared and is currently being pushed out. I will let you know once the update is completed.


Hi @webdev, @neanea6060 and @flowpros, the fix was pushed out and at least on my end the issue is now resolved. Let me know if any continued issues with the collection field label editing.

Thanks in advance


@cyberdave - Confirmed cleared here.


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