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Trial CMS accounts

Continuing the discussion from Best way to get client to taste test the CMS possibility?:

It would really be helpful to have a demo site whereby I can send a CMS trial invitation to potential clients so that they can see/test out how easy it is to use the editor. This is a big selling point on the front end before a site is commissioned, but right now there is no way for me to be able to invite potential clients without having to pay for multiple subscriptions for my demo sites and then set up and manage multiple collaborators on each.

Any update on a CMS trial period or suggestions for how to handle this need in the mean time?


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Just a further clarification. What I would really like to do is to send a potential client a site structure that would suit them and have them enter in their own data through a trial editor–where they can act as a collaborator for 14 days - a month. Then they can try it out and if they like it, they already have some of their data in the site, and they can identify what would need changing for their project. Also, in a trial mode (ideally for a month), I would love to be able to add collaborators that are helping to get the site up, but would not necessarily be collaborators long term. The free collaborator trial time not only allows for many people to work on the site during its inception, but would it would incentivize them to get it done in that time frame. Thanks.

Hi @melamour, thanks for the good idea. One thing that could be done until this ability is updated, is to create a demo site with your brand info etc, and then add a single cms hosting subscription.

The CMS hosting subscription includes 1 collaborator access. On the demo site, it would be possible to send an invite to someone, and then later remove that person and send an invite to another user, so they can view how the editor works.

I know this is just a workaround solution, but something to think about until the Wish List is fulfilled.

Thanks for the workaround suggestion, @cyberdave!