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Sample site for potential clients

As I have been slowly building my business I really love webflow as a tool for designing but I see the simplicity of end user use as a huge selling point. What I think would be very helpful at this point is a mock site I can have a customer log in to to see exactly how the backend of webflow works. Have them be able to use the editor and change things in the cms. It is one thing for me to say changing info on the site is as easy as clicking a few buttons or filling out a form. But for them to experience that would really help.

I tried to do this with a client from my own login. But when I went to use the editor it said I had to work through the designer. Is there a way to set this up? Without having to pay $10 for what would be essentially a mock site. It could also be used for training purposes. If it was designed the same as the read only designer maybe that could work?

Why not use the public share link for that purpose? E.g. create an additional free account, give the password to your clients and then give them the public share link?

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I’ll look into that. I also don’t want to confuse them with the designer aspect of it. It would be nice just to have them log in exactly as they would as a collaborator account. with the www.websitename/?edit

But that is a good suggestion @uzzer thanks.

Maybe you should rephrase your topic as “client guest login” or “demo collaborator login”, I guess it’d be easier this way for the Webflow staff to get through the idea.

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This is something we’ve heard more designers asking for - I’d imagine that the best way we’d provide the best experience for you and your client would be to set up a trial for CMS hosted sites. Thoughts on a trial for site hosting?

not sure if it’s really a site hosting trial. Because if you are already into the build with CMS the expectation is to have hosting because the CMS doesn’t work without it. I think it’s more a mockup site. Say the blog site you guys made and use for examples but just a login for the editor not the designer. So that much like the share links you can play around in it but nothing actually changes but it gives people an idea of what they can do and how easy it is to use. It is one thing to extoll the virtues and say how much easier it is with on page editing and creating collection items like forms. The instructional videos are great but I find people really get excited when they can get behind the wheel. Maybe @uzzer is right though I just need to set up a free account to do this with it. Though the share link gives access to the designer.Anyway just some food for thought.