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Deleting Projects forever

I found it very dangerous to not be able to recover a deleted project. Think if someone found your password to login into webflow and your username. Now he decided to delete all projects for fun and logout!

You login and discover that months and years of work are gone forever!!!

What a waste of time and money, I think you should reconsider how you manage the deletion of projects, permanently should not be an option!

Like this morning I decided to cleanup my project folder to only keep the final version of my website project. By mistake I choose the wrong project, deleted it forever and lost days of work!

I imperatively suggest that you add a delete website project with backups and the backups could not be deleted. Then no hacker or human errors will destroy forever your work!



Deleting by mistake is one thing and maybe Webflow has the possibility to recover that for you, send email to the support team and see if they can help you out. Maybe adding your request over at the Webflow wishlist site.

For the part that someone else get hands of your account I would recommend two-factor authentication for extra security

Hope it help some

Thank you Jorn for the quick reply, I already sent an email to the support. God I hope they can do something about it. I’m also adding a new idea in the Wishlist to allow us to backup our projects, maybe a zip file that you can download or a way in Webflow to recover your deleted work. There is already a mechanism for backups, deleted projects should be included.

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I looked at the Two-Factor Authentication option in Security tab, we need to install an app and scan a encoded image with our phone. How do we do this if we are working under a Windows system?

I guess the last option is the right one, copy the generated serial key, save it somewhere on my machine and paste it when we are asked to do so with Webflow.

There is an app for Windows 10?


I don’t now. It went smoothly for me but I’m on iOS and Mac OS. It shouldn’t be a problem imo.

Sorry, I don’t now.

(unless I’ve missed something)
2 factor Google Authentication doesn’t run on your computer.

It’s meant for smart phones / devices.

So if you download the Google Authentication app
(and if 2 factor is enabled in your Webflow account)
the Google Auth app will provide you with a unique code
on your smart device (iPhone / Droid)… not on your computer.

I have a Samsung S8 and my computer is running under Windows 10 professional. You are saying that I should use my mobile phone to authenticate, do you have to do that every time you login to Webflow?

if I login to Webflow with Chrome, how is it working for the authentication?

I already use the Google Auth app (on my iPhone) for many other things.

For example… I run dedicated servers that I use 2 factor on.

When I attempt to login to the server… I open my iPhone - start the app and select the appropriate server
It then displays a code… which I enter into the site. This lets gain access.

You have to do it everytime you login. However I just tested it with Webflow - and they give you the option to maintain the Auth for 30 days… which is new to me. I hadn’t seen that anywhere before

So basically… with your S8.
Download the app.
Go through the setup process.
After the setup process… when you attempt to login to Webflow…
Webflow will prompt you for a Google Auth code.
With your S8 open and the app open… a Code will display.
I think it’s only good for 30 seconds.
Enter the code into the login (you will see a code input on Webflow).

Thank you, I will use it with my phone!

This image assumes the app has been download to your device
and is setup.

This is the steps you will follow after the setup - every time you want to login to the Webflow.
Note - there is a 30 day option.

I just received a reply from Webflow support team, there is no possibility to recover a website project once it’s deleted. Jesus, days of work gone!

We have to redo the whole thing again, I wish that someone will add the fail-safe backup in the future releases. This is insane, at lease if we could delete a website project with two options, non-permanently and permanently. Or we could disable the permanent deletion in the user privileges.

I’m going to add a folder “Bin” and move my unwanted projects in there :-)!

I’ve got a folder named “zJUNK” (I mostly sort my folders alphabetically).
All the stuff in there is old / inactive or can “possibly be deleted”.

Plus… I always have an exported copy of everything.
So at minimum… I can refer to the exported copy and recreate everything precisely as it was.

I do too, I’m exporting everything in a zip file. But we have still to build it again in Webflow, it would be nice if we could import back the zip file in Webflow, it would save a lot of pain with a situation like this…

I love Webflow, don’t get me wrong and we don’t want to go back with our old fashion way of creating websites!!! I guess we have to learn from our stupidities!

I know several people have requested this… including myself.


Thank you so much for your help Revolution, if you work as your name, you should be rocking the web :-)!

I added in the Wishlist a new idea where I’m asking if they could implement a way to manage backups or at lease give us a way to do it ourselves. More we ask for the same thing and more chances they will add it!

If the democracy doesn’t work, sniff, we are living in the despotism!

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