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Deleted pages still being served

Not a big problem, but it looks like when a page is deleted, it’s not being flushed from the webflow hosted site. I discovered this by accident when I used a nav widget to link to a page, later deleted that page from the site, and still later clicked it’s link in the nav widget, and it came up in the browser!

I can’t share a public link to the site in question, but if you can’t repro the bug, I’ll anonymize a copy.

Yes, known issue. Workaround now unfortunately means unpublishing then publishing again, which will delete all pages from our hosting servers. We hope to get a fix out for this soon.

Edit - Just pushed a fix try now!

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Hm… just opened the site up anew, published (without unpublishing first, to test your fix), but the page still seems to exists. That would be the right test for your fix, yes?

Like I said, this has approaching zero priority for me as a user, so I’m not worried about it. But I’ll refrain from doing the unpublish/publish workaround to get rid of the phantom page, so that if you want me to do any more testing it will be there for us.

Sorry it won’t retroactively unpublish pages that were already deleted. Try creating a new page, publishing it, then visiting it, then deleting it. When you navigate to that page again it should serve a 404.

Cool, makes sense. Like I said, not really impacting me so I’ll let you know in the unlikely event that it shows up again, but otherwise will assume your fix is good!

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@brryant this issue still exists. It seems you still have to unpublish the website for old slugs to disappear. Although it doesn’t seem like a big issue, it did cause a major problem where one of my old slugs was still serving a page and that page was set as the redirect URL and I had no idea what the issue was since it matched the pages I was working on, exactly.