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I delete a page in the Designer but it still shows in my published site

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if this is intentional to avoid breaking links.

When I delete a page from my site and publish the changes I am still able to access the “deleted” page of the site by visiting the URL of the page. I then have to maintain a list of redirects under Site Settings to prevent people from accessing those pages of the site. Basically, “deleting” a page only seems to delete it on the designer front end and not from the servers where the site is hosted.

Could someone explain whether this is a bug or if this is intentional?


Hi @ctrav, could you let me know the site link? If you would rather share to me via PM, that is ok too.

I am happy to help take a look to see how the hosting is setup, and also to unpublish the url.

Sure thing, I will PM you with the best example I can find.

@ctrav The moment you remove a page from Designer and publish changes by hitting Publish button, you’re also removing the access to the deleted page from a direct URL.

If this isn’t happening please send us an email at with an example of that behaviour. We’ll look into that :slight_smile:


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