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Change URL of a page: old URL/page still exists

This might be a bug. At least, it’s pretty confusing and I’m not sure if it’s intended by webflow.

  1. I created 3 pages with the following urls:


  1. I linked the pages.
  2. I changed the url of /testpage-c to /testpage-c-changed

The URLs inside the links updated to /testpage-c-changed, however, the old page at /testpage-c is still online with the old content and the old link to testpage-c!

Try to open: <- still there, even it doesn’t exist in my editor.

I currently stumbled upon this bug in a large project inside webflow with many pages. I was editing the new-url-page in the editor but was previewing the old url (without noticing), wondering why my changes won’t appear. The old links on the old-url-page add to the confusion.


Just tested this and had the same result. Exported the code and the residue page isn’t in the archive. The process to list the pages and update the links inside when you change a page name and links must be close to the process to export pages: listing what’s in the official page list and proceed. So it makes sense the residual page keeps the old links. Webflow ignores it, I think it should delete it too.

For now we can restore a clean staging by duplicating the project and fork, so the stage is residue free, I guess.

A couple of months ago we faced a terrible – and still mysterious – “caching” issue… I’m wondering if some of us weren’t refreshing residual urls as we’ve renamed a bunch of pages shortly before.

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@Tom, have you tried to unpublish your site and republish it?

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I haven’t tried that one as I normally don’t unpublish a live-project but this did the trick indeed for the example a I gave. The old url is gone.

This should somehow be automated. As it stands, changing a page already indexed by googlebot could result in double content.


@callmevlad Hi Vlad, any updates as to whether this will be automated or will users have to unpublish and republish all the time? This issue is still current. Many users are probably not aware of this bug and it could very well definitely lead to a duplicate content issue as sitemap generators instantly pick up the alternative URLs. Your feedback is appreciated!