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Delete unused assets in Asset Manager

Hi there @webflow;

I have one website in particular with lots of images which I’m not using anymore and it’s impossible to delete one by one. If there was a way for mass selecting and deleting, that would be awesome, or equally good would be something like a purge option which would automatically delete all unused assets like what we can do with styles to clean up the code…
Is this something you are working on?

Thanks a lot…


+1 Really need this feature would save me alot of time :smile:

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+1 Here too! This would be extremely beneficial for larger - huge sites hoping to be built with Webflow!!

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+1 here… am needing this now.

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+1 on this! I’d also love to have the option to select unused, just like you can with styles.


Me too (La-la-la --> 30 character limit)! :smile:

I personally wouldn’t want it to be like the Unused option… unless we had the option to select which Assets to delete from the shown Unused Assets. It could just be the ctrl select highlight all the ones you want, then delete. OR make it so that unused assets fall to the bottom and used assets stay pinned at the top… just my thoughts.

The ability to clean up interactions, organize, group or something also. It would be nice to be able to have some better organizational abilities within both Asset Manager and Interactions. I think both would improve users workflow within Webflow.


+1 on cleaning up interactions or at least being able to see which ones are being used…

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Would also like to see a clean up and which ones are being used option for Interactions AND Assets


Diana :smiley:


Man, I would do anything for this feature. I need this one badly, I edit and reupload images/assets a lot.

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I agree, clean up for any unused elements in every pane in webflow would be very useful!

I would love this feature! Makes me more confident when pursuing larger website builds that handle a ton of assets at a time.

This sounds great! :slight_smile:

Douglas Pinho

I agree… I had to go back and optimize my pictures on my home page, so I now have both the large original and the smaller versions as well! And I’m scared to start deleting when I’m not sure where each individual image is!

This would be extremely helpful.

Badly need this feature!

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My name is Ben and I help with product research here at Webflow. We’ve been thinking long and hard about how we can improve the Asset Manager, but we’d love to get your input on what you think we should tackle first. Help us decide by filling out this quick survey:

Thank you for your input!

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Yeah I’ve just realised this cuts off image file names!! Not very good for SEO purposes…