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Improved Asset Manager

Hey Webflow team

I would be cool to have an improved asset manager allowing bulk processing of images and improved filtering (eg: dependencies)

Just to name a few -

  • Image Compression (I use before uploading all my content)
  • Improved Filtering (used on which page, dependencies (which classes
    use this asset))
  • Dynamic Resizing (upload the highest resolution image, allow webflow
    to resize (and compress) content dynamically every time we publish)
  • Flagging / Commenting on an asset (lets say I upload a temporary image and flag it as ‘staging’ or comment ‘add sparkles on the left’ and then update it at later stage)

I know you all work very hard :wink: Keep it up!


Definitely +1 LIKE.

So manyh people are asking about this. Especially deleting multiple images and uploading files (especially PDF).


I hope WF gives us the ability to delete multiple images. I need to delete 27+ images from my asset manager and it’s a PITA, I must admit. :frowning:


Hi, the asset manager really needs an update! A lot of people have been asking this, because it plays an important role in building websites and until now it leaves many functions to be desired, it’s really still in alpha. Almost all webflow updates (except rich text block and alt-click on the blue colored changes) since half way 2015 have been cms related, probably since this is more profitable, but you have ‘forgotten’ to take the asset manager to the next level only to bring it on par with what we designers are used to like in Indesign: easy to import multiple images, easy to control edited images, easy to find that particular image, easy to delete unused images. Please help us out here! Thanks! @webflow, @cyberdave, @PixelGeek

Cheers, Tom

Ps: additionally for the color palette, also often requested, this is what I found at our friends from pinegrow :slight_smile:

'‘Instead of writing color:#08620f in dozens of CSS rules you can simply define a variable @mainColor with that value and then write color:@mainColor in CSS rules.’ …


My name is Ben and I help with product research here at Webflow. We’ve been thinking long and hard about how we can improve the Asset Manager, but we’d love to get your input on what you think we should tackle first. Help us decide by filling out this quick survey:

Thank you for your input!


@Bissenmann I visited the URL you provided and submitted feedback. Hopefully we will see some upgrades to the asset manager soon.

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Submitted my feedback also. Thanks for listening :slight_smile: