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So happy! Been waiting for this since 2014 :slight_smile:


Nice one Webflow team, great feature!

As there’s no ‘delete unused assets’ option, can I safely select EVERYTHING, delete, close then reopen and magically see ONLY the assets needed?



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Hello! That was exactly the first thing that I thought of as well. So I went ahead and tested it and I’m happy to say that it does exactly that. It will keep only the assets needed but make sure to publish the site afterwards as I believe that is when Webfow checks on which assets to keep.

When I tested it, the assets didn’t return immediately after I published. I had to return to my dashboard, reopen the project and that’s when I saw all the currently used assets back in the manager.

Edit: So after a little bit more testing, I think that may be a tad bit buggy, and would advise making sure you have a backup or a duplicate of the project. I tested it on templates, hosted sites, etc. with varying results so I am no longer as sure of my answer as I was. Still generally seems to work and the published websites display all the images however, in one case I am missing a clearly in-use images from the assets manager.

(Edit again, sorry about that) Missing several images on template based websites. I believe that it being a template based site affects the situation so that’s certainly worth noting as I was missing approximately 60% of the images (that are in use) in the assets manager on template based sites. On standard sites that does not seem to be an issue. As always keep backups, and duplicates just to be safe!


This is AMAZING… finally!!!
I’d only say that the visual design of the checkbox is not very visible. I think you should a refresh of some elements that are too sleek and hard to see. Feels old and it’s not good usability.

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Thanx for the update…… Amazing…!!!

Thanks for the QOL update that’s very cool :+1:

Where’s the “Clean Up” button? How do I know what’s not being used? What a poor description. “clear out unneeded files faster” — how do I know what those are? :man_facepalming:


That’s great !! Though the only reason why people would delete assets, is because they do not use them in their project anymore… a “delete unused assets” might be more usefull than a “bulk delete” feature :slightly_smiling_face: I think.


Thinking about this again, I can’t see a use case scenario for ‘bulk delete’. I can CAREFULLY select a few files to delete if I’m CERTAIN they are not being used, but that wouldn’t amount to more than 2 or 3 in a real world case. I agree that the description ‘clear out unneeded files faster’ makes so sense either.

I love Webflow and I’m not having a go here, but these incremental changes to the asset manager are taking quite a long time?


This is a massive time saver. Firstly, Webflow only deletes unused files, so you can select all and delete, then republish your site, any assets being used are automatically added back in.

Plus, there are times when a site is duplicated to use as a base site for another version, that situation is also a great use of selecting all and deleting.

Anyone who has ever had to clear out a complete set of site files one by one will really appreciate this. :heart_eyes:

Hi @allthingsGJD,

unfortunately I’m not sure that it is really the case or 100% reliable:


O M Glob

Finally, and thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, so this worked just fine on one project but now I’m in a bit of a pickle. I tried it on another project, it said 70 something assets would be deleted. Did the delete all, published, refreshed and now only 9 assets are showing in the asset panel, but there should be a lot more (and it appears they’re still showing on the published site but just not in the asset panel).

Webflow - Aurora 2021-01-27 at 3.02.50 PM

Any suggestions (link to project:

So if you’ve lost your assets like me, Here’s a workaround from Webflow: Video

:warning: The only safe way to delete unused images from a site is one at a time. The workaround of deleting all images and refresh the Designer to have only used images remaining can actually cause corruption and issues with the used images. Please do not try this. :warning: