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Delay before pageload / page transfer

Hi! I have a difficult question because I am not sure how to describe. MY site is kind of large (many cms, many images). I tried to optimised anything.

When I click on a pagelink, it seems that it stuck on the old page or a moment before it goes to the linked page and load the content. By this I somehow dont know how much I should “optimise” my page. I am okay with my pageload, but not with the delacy before I enter the page. Can I somehow find out with speed tools what is the problem? Maybe a script? I figured out to check pagespeed on load, but not before the load actually happens. If its loaded once it seems to be okay (cache).

Maybe its the cms? Because on pages with less images (1-2) it also stuck before it loads the new page. I see it because the url isnt changing directly.

here is a page with links as an example. I hope you see the same little delay.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hmmm I’m not seeing an issue on my end, everything feels pretty snappy (although I am on fairly quick internet). Does the problem persist when you’re in an incognito window with all of your extensions disabled?

I’m showing really great scores in Lighthouse so I’m not sure how much more you can optimize the performance: