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Long webpage load times - Webflow issue?

Anyone else experiencing long webpage load times? For an example please click on the following pages and the product links on those pages:

I (and everyone else visiting my site) is getting a long 1-4 second pause before each page loads along with a “waiting for website” message in the browser tab. The problem is not with my computer, my internet connection, or the size of my pages. As you can imagine a delay like this is going to be a deal breaker for most visitors. I’m very worried I just wasted a year and half of work on this site as it appears to be a Webflow hosting or CMS issue.

If I had to guess I think the delay is caused by Webflow loading the CMS elements on each page as static pages load just fine.

I’d appreciate any/all feedback or input as the site is finished but the hosting seems sub-par. I would like to open this to the community to see if anyone else with medium to large sites is experiencing this issue.

This is a major issue that I need help resolving!

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Hey @Bghead8che,

Do you still experience slowness on those pages ?
It loads pretty fast for me :slight_smile: