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Checkout button does not nothing

Hi there,
First ever Webflow eCommerce website.
Everything is setup on the eCommerce side, live STRIPE account is connected.
I’ve created a test product for €1.00 and tried purchasing it using an active creditcard. When I do this, the checkout button simply does nothing and the order doesn’t process. Any idea what is happening here?


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@Bammedia Have you paid for eCommerce hosting
Have you anabled check out?

Yes & Yes! ecommerce hosting paid for and ecommerce fully complete on Webflow.

@Bammedia do you have Team Viewer and Skype?

@Bammedia You have not completed your email setup

Hi Janne, I have Skype: cormac-k. My email is setup and sent a test email.

This is now solved. But to be notet is that the product was set to “No reguired Shipping”.
But it seems to be a BUG, When adding a delivery option it did work


Many thanks to Janne for assistance here. Again to Webflow Admins, when a product is listed and ‘requires shipping’ is disabled, the order is not fulfilling? This appears to be an apparent bug.

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hey @Bammedia have you managed to fix this for non-shipping products? I have products like a “workshop session” where users should pay with no shipping, and I am having the same issue.

Hi Malik,
Please see the official response from Webflow which resolved the soecific issue for me:

This is a known issue with non-shippable products and the billing address. Prior to adding the non-shippable option, the country field was retrieved from the shipping address for the billing address. You will note within your checkout that the billing address does not have a country selector field, and I believe this is what is causing the error. What you will want to do in this case is copy the country selector field and paste it into the billing address section. You can then also set conditional visibility for the shipping section and the shipping method so those do not show at checkout if the product does not require shipping. We have made sure that all new Ecommerce shops include the country selector field within the billing address.

I’ve created a short video to further clarify:


Thank you for the response @Bammedia

sounds likes its still not resolved! I’m experiencing the same bug, only to find out it is THIS *following this thread * ridiculous. I’m beginning to think shopify would have done the trick. This a hopelessly still a BETA product for full price.