Date localization

If I make no mistake, when you change website langage, it does not change the date formats.
I setup my website to “fr” and expected that date will be “5 novembre 2015” instead of “November 5, 2015”.

Check here for the format: How to change the date format in CMS content?

For the language, it’s not possible yet.

Ping this whishlist post, it’s starting to be needed :slight_smile:

I second this wishlist item! Really have a need right now to output my calendar dates in the french language (not just the format, but the names of the days & months). Pretty please!!??

Greetings from Germany, we need this as well. VERY IMPORTANT FOR US!

Very important, in my case days and months in Portuguese.

Is there a way to change the string array or the variables that contains the names of the month and days with a custom code? I can do that in Squarespace.

I would also add a need to the calendar input on the date filed of the CMS to be localized as well.


Greetings from Argentina, +1 folr this!

Greetings from Sweden +1!

Hey guys I used date localizing (workaround) in my website check it out:

You can find the explanation here: Language markup that can show dynamic dates in different languages