How to change the date format in CMS content?

Hi ,
I have a very logic and understandable demand from one of my client who is asking to have the format date in french instead of english, is it possible?

Thanks again in advance for your help.

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Yes, it’s très possible my cher ami.

The thing is you chose the format when linking your text element to the datas. But there’s a trick for us Frenchs: there’s no French format in the proposed list.

BUT Webflow knew better and they made a system where you can only pull the day, day number, the month or the year. So you can compose your date format as you like: only numerals, only words, a mix of both, the order you want. It’s a bit longer to set at first but once it’s done, you’re good to forget about it. The only thing not in the list is having the number of the day written in words ( like “ten”) but who cares right?

J’espère que ça t’aide (: (On leur demande le calendrier révolutionnaire, pour voir ?)

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Oui mais moi je veux Mercredi 24 septembre…il n’y a pas ça :wink:

Ho, you meant LANGUAGE and not format… Yeah that’s perfectly understandable, I have french clients too and they need that as well.

Well I don’t see it being possible right now, it has to be a whishlist post, I’ll look if there’s one already and make one if not.

You can voice your request here please :slight_smile: Date localization

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