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International Date Format

Currently Webflow only offers the possibility to have dates from dynamic items in English or American format (November 5, 2015 or 11/5/2015). I also have Dutch clients, and here we say “5 november, 2015” or “5/11/2015”. So currently it’s very confusing when I have blog post saying “11/5/2015”. In Webflow that would mean november 5th, 2015, but here we would read it as the 11th of May, 2015.

Any idea when it would be possible to select different international formats?

Oh yes, I know I can take the day, month, year separately by the way. But I’m too lazy for that I think :blush: Or is that the only simple we have currently?


Im backing up this! There are three countries in the world who uses that format, the rest of us 295 ish, is using the most logic time and date format. Please let us choose in the settings panel what format we want to use on every site :smile:

Hi Krubens, i don’t now whats your source… mine is wiki… :grinning:
But there are much much more countries who are using day month year… than month day year…
and to be honest… whats the most logic one?!? :wink:


So… can we get DD/MM/YYYY date format? :))

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Hey guys you can use moments.js to localize the time.

Here @samliew explains how this can be done:

It worked for me, hope it works for you too guys.