Dashboard not accessible- Stuck on loading screen

Hi all, so, dashboard screen of death:

  • Dashboard stays on loading screen and no matter waiting time.
  • Browser: Firefox, up to date, 125.0.3 (64-bit)
  • Machine: Macbook Pro 64GB , M1 Pro. OS Version 13.4.1
  • Webflow, “/dashboard”, etc are marked as privacy target exceptions.
  • No ad-block is running, no VPN is running
  • It has been now more than a month.
  • Went through many forum posts already, nothing works.
  • Only way of accessing projects is via Browser History or link copy-paste.
  • This was already flagged here and no one is answering. there’s a lot of users experiencing this issue. and it was marked as… closed?

People, what is going on here?? :confused:

Please if someone can take a look at this, I’m experiencing the same
I’m logged in but it appears as if I’m not?