Webflow dashboard is not loading (Safari)

Hello Team Webflow.

Webflow dashboard is not loading on safari, please let me know the issue.

Do you have a link with your website which I can test from my end?

Matthew :slight_smile:

It takes long time time after i click on the login,

My id is deepak.s@reward360.co

more than 20-25 minutes

Its now half a day over but still am unable to login to your site in safari, can somebody please help

@Deepak Could you please let us know your version of OSX and Safari? Also, it would be really helpful to have your read only link (see How to Enable a Webflow Share Link) so that we can determine if it’s something that’s specific to your website. Thank you!

OS X 10.11
Safari 9.0

am unable to go to dashboard, from morning the page is loading…

@Deepak We’re not able to reproduce on our end with OSX 10.11 and Safari 9.0 and have not heard any other reports. What kind of network connection are you on? Is it possible that your connection is being proxied / throttled?

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