Webhook Zapier Problem - Status Code 400 Bad Request

I keep hitting an error when setting up a webhook to connect Webflow with Airtable via Zapier:

ValidationError: Invalid request body

I have the correct headers in from the PATCH request.

I’ve noticed that the parameters ‘name’ and ‘slug’ aren’t the same as the titles I have on the Webflow CMS which are ‘Job - Title’ and ‘Job - Link’:

I’ve confirmed this via Postman app:

Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 14.30.05

I’ve included above all of the required fields just in case they all need to be in there.

Stumped! Any help welcome!

Does it work with Postman? If not, what the JSON response that is returned from the API?

As an aside, you might want to checkout PowerImporter. It will keep your Airtable and Webflow in sync automatically (and save you these headaches).

Thanks Marc, I’m not sure how to answer both of those questions :laughing:

PowerImporter looks like a dream, will check it out tonight

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