Blog - Help creating my blog please

Hi All,

I was wondering if someone were able to help me set up my blog section?

Im using a template but do need customised features and like “category tags” etc

However struggling to do this - maybe if I could pay someone to help me set up the main template and then go from there…

I also used to embed a mail chimp HTML code into the code snippet but on web flow it won’t allow me to do this - is there anyway around this?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hey Jesse
Can you share the read only link and we’ll be able to help better

It all looks ok so far… what exactly are you trying to add? do you have some sketches or data you could share?

Thank you!! sorry that wasn’t very clear of me in the first place - So at the moment they template has “projects” but I do need this as a blog

I guess I need some help making the main “blog post” format - the link below is the original one that I had before for my client which was working fine however I don’t know how to recreate this on my Webflow Project!

I also need to have category tags (on each post that the user can filter when on the main blog post page) so the user can select different topics to read about… let me know!

Would love some assistance building / generating this.

One I have right now:

This is the old one (want it to look better than this on my Webflow - but this is the example of what I have had previously with Wix - and just wanted to embed the mail chimp code or maybe have the features similar)

OK, so the problem at the minute is conceptual.

In Webflow: CMS Collection > Blog Posts = the data behind each blog post. You have Name, Slug, Post body (this is an embed at the minute, not sure you want that) Post Summary, Main Image.

In Wix page “Blogs” each post has Heading, Date, Image, a couple of subheadings, some paragraphs (is that an embed??? - don’t do that!!)

You would then make the individual blog post page in Webflow on the CMS Collection pages > Blog Posts Template.

What is currently Blog page (names Projects) is the index of all the posts which would be in Wix

Are you able to help me execute this? Happy to pay?
Even the over main “blog page” and then the layout of an individual post-

I can provide a little UI Sketch of how I imagine this to look?

I can link another Webflow one that I have seen and like! ( and maybe have the categories as a drop down on the left hand side of the main blog landing page?

An example of the blog landing page I like but having the categories as a drop down -

let me know! if your able to help further or recommend someone who can!

I know omg ok I won’t do the embedded but design the actual layout properly in the new Webflow posts!!!