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Blog and RSS feed issues

Hello friends,

I am new here and this is my first post. I have searched for my problem(s) and am not finding any good answers. Not even sure if this is quite the right category, but it seems most appropriate.

Here are my issues.

  1. The collection url is different than the static page url I built to host all of the posts which is also different than the RSS feed url. I have a feeling I went about this all wrong as my feed is showing up incorrectly in Feedly, so I don’t trust it with Mailchimp or Apple News either.

  2. The headings on each blog post don’t link (aren’t clickable) to the post in the collection… I tried using a link block, but that didn’t help. What am I missing?

  3. I want to make an additional CMS collection for podcasting, but that doesn’t look possible… Is it?

Anyways, thanks for helping out or even thinking about it and ignoring me because you have better things to do with your life. :smile:

Here is my public share link: MYBLOG


#1 -> I need more clarification. Share an example video or images.

#2 - >

#3 - > not sure what you are asking / saying. There is no reason you can’t have a podcasting collection. You would need to use a service to host the audio and you could use media embeds in a rich text field easily. Lots of popular services are supported. See the University re: Rich Text Fields.

FYI: When you ask multiple separate questions you limit the responses. Try working on one thing at time. Not everybody can give up 10 minutes of free time.

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@webdev I really appreciate the help. #2 is knocked down, your video was impeccable. Love the metal in the background. I see that a lot of this stuff is learning what stacks in what and I don’t always know the order…

#3. I understand what you are saying. Use a platform to host it and then embed the audio link in a cms collection. I will start a new question once I get there if I can’t get it going…

As far as #1 hmmm… I will keep working on it. It loads in Feedly now, although sometimes images are missing… My next step is to make a rss subscribe button for people who use a reader and an email subscribe button for those who want it direct in their inbox.