Can't view my blog post

I created a collection, and called it “Blog” with the URL slug “blog”.

Then I created a blog post titled “Steve Jobs on Cloud Computing” with the URL slug “steve-jobs-on-cloud-computing”.

But, when I go to or I get 404 errors. The post says “published”.

I’m clearly missing a step somewhere. I’m hoping I don’t have to actually physically build each post. I already filled out the form, giving a title, content, main image, thumbnail image, selected “Yes” for featured. What else do I need to do for this blog post to actually exist?

So I built the blog post page, and I can now see my blog post.

Do I need to also build a blog page? My collection says it has a URL of “” but that still gives me a 404 error.

I’m sorry for my ignorance, I watched the videos but they don’t really help. They assume a lot of things and kind of assume your entire website is the blog. I’m trying to add a blog element from scratch to an already existing website.

Hello @James_Welbes.

Would be helpful if you could share read-only link to your project. Guidance you can find here :smile:How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Without seeing the project I can assume you only added information to dynamic collection (database). For see that information (data) in the browser, you will have to create visual template for the blog-post. Other way browser has no idea how to show your data. Template for blogpost should be created only once and will be used for show every of blogposts that you will have.You can use “ready design” for template, just copy structure and elements from page, which has that design and apply to elements their dynamic fields.

And do not hesitate to ask more questions.


Hi Sabanna,

I think you may have missed my second post where I explained that I have successfully created a blog template which is visible.

I can see the blog post at

What I can’t see is a blog main page. When I go to I get a 404

So, once I have more than just one blog post published, I would like to have a link on my main page navbar that says “Blog” and when clicked on, takes the visitor to a blog page with all my blog posts in order of newest to oldest.

Well, then next step is create page where all your blog posts will be linked or add all posts database to some existing page.
Here is screen cast how it is possible to do (sorry, had some problems with internet at the end):

If there would be more elements it would show all elements in dynamic list


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