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I would love to be able to create custom post types with my blog, and can’t figure out via WebFlow University videos if that’s possible.

2 functions I’m looking for:

Two kinds of post types in the same blog feed/collection.
Each type with a different design.
Each type with a different function, where the title links to the blog post in one type (standard) and the title links to an external site in the second type (link blog type). More below.

WordPress has a popular plugin that achieves this: Custom Post Type UI – WordPress plugin |

Example application of this is that you have a blog, with 2 post types.
Type 1: standard article
Type 2: link blog post

For Type 1 (standard), the title of the blog links to the single blog post page. Standard permalink.

For Type 2 (link blog), the title of your post links to an external website.

In addition, the post types are designed differently as well. Example: the post title in a standard post is large. The post title (which is an external link) in the link blog is much smaller text. So you’re creating a unique formatting for each type.

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It’s not possible natively. Webflow provides for one template per collection. You can use conditional visibility to display or hide elements based on values in the CMS item. That is what most do.

That said, if your coding skills are there, you can hide everything (all elements) and build the display with custom code since you can completely rewrite the DOM using values that exist in the page source.

Thank you for your quick response! That might be beyond me right now… :slight_smile: I’ve got a few blogs that run this way, and custom coding each one would be a bad long term solution, if I’m all-in on WebFlow.

If I could display 2 collections in 1 feed, that would present a solution in an elegant, easy way. But I don’t think that’s possible…

You can’t intermingle without custom code. You can make two collection lists share the same style and design away the perception that they are separate.