Custom Multi Form Submission

Hi, I’m wanting to put a form on my CMS that will capture which CMS page it’s on so I can properly organize it in AirTable, Zapier, Make, etc. Right now I’m using conditional formatting with several different forms just to accomplish this basic thing… but I only want one without having to change the form name. Will I need some custom code with Ajax or JS to accomplish this?

{Finsweet has a really cool hack where you can add the page URL to the form submission.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to go a step above and just replace the Form ID with a custom field from the CMS? So it basically shows up as:

<form id="wf-form-{{form-name-cms-field}}" name="wf-form-{{form-name-cms-field}}">

or even:

<form id="wf-form-Webinar-Series" name="wf-form-{{form-name-cms-field}}">

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