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Form Submission Help

On the Community Partners page on I want to create a form that is on each community partners dynamic page, however I am sending this form from each community partner page to Salesforce and want Salesforce to know which community partner the form submission is coming from for commission reasoning. Currently, if I drop a form on the dynamic community partners page it’ll just duplicate that same exact form / From Name across all of the community partner pages and it’s impossible to differentiate which submission came from which partner page. Please help :slight_smile:

Hi, the easiest way I have found of doing this is to name each form something different and set up a gmail filter to grab only that form via the form name and then forward to separate emails. I made a tutorial here Multiple forms going to different emails workaround!

Good Luck

Thank you!!! my only problem is that I need the Form Name to match the Community partners page and I need it to work Everytime my clients make a new community partner page using the CMS it needs to automatically name that Form or something? Right now everytime I create a new blog post or community partner page the form is always automatically named. Which means I have to name a form everytime they make a new page. RIght?

The only way I can think of doing that is to add a field into the cms entry that will correspond to the name of the form. But then whoever makes the form will need to know what to call it and then you’ll need to make a new filter. I know zapier can do advanced automation with form entries, you might want to check that out.

I plan on using Zapier for sure.
The person who creates the community partner page by adding a new partner/member will for sure know the name that needs to correspond with the form so that will for sure work. My problem is on how to get a CMS entry field to correspond with the name of the form! Is that a functionality of Webflow yet? or how would I do this?

I’m curious if dynamic embeds would help with this though I have no experience with them in this scenario. The issue is also you’d need to create separate filters for each form that is created. You could also simply tell the google filter to recognize any other entry into any field and filter based on that. You can also create hidden fields or text boxes within the form that will trigger the filter.

Hello, guys (@Scott_Van_Zandt and @DFink).

I suggest adding one line of embed code to the form:

<input id="page-name" type="text" name="page-name" data-name="Page-name" value="NAME" class="w-input hidden">

Sure you will have to create class “hidden” for make this input invisible for user.
NAME is should be the dynamic filed


This might just work!!!
You’re a genius :slight_smile:
If I need further help implementing can I send you a direct message and possibly hire you for the Gig?

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Sure, feel free to ask. :slight_smile: Hope I can help.

I also would be willing to pay you to help intergrate the following on the community partners pages pop-up form.

Quote from you:

Hello, guys (@Scott_Van_Zandt and @DFink).

I suggest adding one line of embed code to the form:

Sure you will have to create class “hidden” for make this input invisible for user.
NAME is should be the dynamic filed

My worry of doing this is that once the Name of the form is automatically updated, how do I get Zapier to still push the data to saleforce? Zapier links to the page name in order to find which form to send data from to salesforce. Do you have any ideas? I just need the data from the Pop-Out form on all members pages to go directly to salesforce so we can see what member the data / form submission is coming from.