Custom Media Queries / Break Points

I caught a video on Youtube.

This is an extension for and sadly not published yet.


I am not sure which way the webflow team is heading in this area, just figured I would post in case it can serve as an additional source of ideas if/when re-writing the grid.


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I so wish Webflow could incorporate those features shown in the above video. Especially custom media queries, and maybe later down the line the ability to see the html, css code being written in real time as the user designs the site.

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Guys, can you add more media queries sizes, i mean not only desktop, tablet and phone, but for instance custom one. User types a size of interested device and have possibility to position elements. It will be great!!! please! right now i do all this from css code in editor.

Is this in Webflow now and I’m just missing it? This was posted 497 days ago, so surely this has made it into Webflow… I just can’t figure it out.