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Custom fonts don't work when I export the code



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The webflow version of the site looks great. When I export the code to the real version of the site at, the custom fonts which I uploaded don’t show up. They used to and now they don’t. I therefore upload new and different fonts but it still doesn’t show in the exported version.
I also tried waiting some time to see if it would update, and also deleting all my files on my server. Nothing helps.

Here is a custom font example from the CSS file that webflow generates.

@font-face {
font-family: 'Hadasimclm';
src: url('../fonts/HadasimCLM-Regular.ttf') format('truetype');
font-weight: 400;
font-style: normal;
@font-face {
font-family: 'David clm bold';
src: url('../fonts/DavidCLM-Bold.ttf') format('truetype');
font-weight: 800;
font-style: normal;}

Yoram Aharon

Hi, you need more than the ttf font for the embed fonts to work. You also need a Woff version, EOT version, SVG version…

Provided you own the licence for your ttf font, you can use FontSquirrel generator to generate the web fonts.

Note that it’s better to identify and download/buy an already optimized for the web set of font rather that using a generator. You can try to find a font alternative on FontSquirrel and download the set of web fonts. Then upload each font fil in Webflow.

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