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Trouble with font rendering

I have uploaded a Custom font called Snell Roundhand script into the designer and it shows up in the list of available fonts. However, when selected it defaults to a sans-serif font.
I have checked it on my computer in Word and it works fine.

Anyone come across this before and know a way around it.

That depends on a whole lot of factors, e.g. when used ttf opentype format not all browsers will support it. Also it is better to use a more compressed format, e.g. woff or woff2.

Hi @zorro7120, it sounds like you might not have all the required font versions of the custom font loaded on the fonts tab. For maximum browser support, install the TTF, EOT, OTF and WOFF versions of the webfont.

If you do not have these, you get generate a webfont package based on the font you do have, from FontSquirrel Webfont Generator:

I hope this helps, if not, reach out to Webflow support from the Contact page:

p.s. Fonts in Word are not Webfonts, those are desktop fonts, there is a difference. You will need to generate Webfonts to use on the web.

Thank you for give me an insight into the solution. I shall give these a go

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