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Custom fonts missing when exporting code

Hi all,

since my clients don’t want to host with Webflow due to GDRP / Privacy Shield, I need to export the code for one of my sites. I also can’t use google fonts due to the same reason. So I downloaded the fonts I need from Google Fonts and uploaded them as custom fonts.

However, when I export the code now, the fonts are missing and will not be exported. Is there any way I can upload my custom fonts so that the code export will work?


instead of uploading the Google fonts, try adding them through Project settings -> Fonts -> Select the Google font. Then export your code and see if it works :slight_smile:

@robingranqvist thanks for the answer but I purposely didn’t do that as using Google Fonts via CDN isn’t GDPR compliant for EU clients.

Additionally, I have one Font that is not available from Google fonts.

Oh, okay that’s true.

Hmm, the only solution I can come up with is to manually add all the fonts to your downloaded CSS-code. Try adding the following to the CSS-file with your site’s custom styles for every font and font weight used:

@font-face {
  font-family: yourFontRegular;
  src: url(yourfont.tff);
  font-weight: regular;

Make sure to add the correct name of the font so it matches the name used for “font-family” in the rest of your classes.

@robingranqvist I just checked the css files, the fonts are already correctly included in the css file but Webflow is not exporting the the actual font files, so I guess I need to manually add the font files to my exported folder

Running into the same issue. No idea why.