Custom domain to a CMS item?

Hi all

On my website my customer create their own CMS page/item through a form. When it is created it will automaticly be named eg. “

Is there ANY what for me to offer my customers custom domain? I know I manually can set up an redicrect, but I am looking for an solution, maybe with Make/integromat, where the user can choose a custom domain and make it automatically happen?

Thanks in advance

First, yes you can use a reverse proxy setup so that e.g. returns the contents of a designated page e.g. as its homepage. You’d need to do some fixups on things like canonicals, links, and generate a sitemap, etc.

I do this on occasion for lead funnel sites, when clients have a lot of different products and sales campaigns going, each of them look like mini-sites but they’re all managed within their main site’s CMS.

It takes only a few hours to build these types of setups.

However, automatically adding new domains and setting them up is a whole other thing.
You’d need to solve;

  • domain name provisioning
  • setting up a new service on your reverse proxy provider… probably using Terraform
  • DNS setup
  • CMS item creation and initialization
  • billing, I’d assume because domain names aren’t free

And then you’d need to figure out how a user customizes / adds content to their page, which likely means building some kind of special external system

Pretty soon you’ve got a full-fledged SaaS infrastructure on the go.

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