Static, cms, dynamic page question

I’m looking at creating a site similar to, but I’m not quite sure how the setup works.

Ideally, I will have a site that people can design their own site from one of my templates.

My question is, how does that work? Say my site is and a user wants to create a site on my page using one of my templates. Their domain would be

How many /bobby can I have in webflow?

And would this be a static, CMS or dynamic page? Static right?

@mycreativepixel I really don’t see Webflow as a fit for your requirements. To pull off what you need would require back end application code which is not supported. Good luck with your venture.

I was afraid of that. Thanks for replying.

Do you want the users to be able to change the design themselves or should they just be able to create their own site ( with their own information and images but with the design that you created in the template?
If you dont want them to be able to change the design, here’s a solution for that:

Quick answer:
You connect your Webflow CMS to Google Forms via Zapier

Long Answer:

  • First you have to create and design the CMS template
  • Then go to Google Forms and create a form where the users can enter all the information that will be published on their own page (text, images, birth date, etc.). Go to the form-settings and click the option that forces users to log in with their google account. With this option turned on they will be able to change the entered information at any time.
  • Connect the Google form to Webflow via Zapier. Connect all the question-fields of the google form to the CMS-fields in Webflow.

Now share the form-link on your website so the users can create and edit their own page.