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Custom domain options

I’ve browsed through many other questions, but none that simply answer my questions I’m searching for.

Based on #JTBD - the Job to be done with Webflow is to create my clients websites.
Currently, I’m now wanting them to see what tool I’m using, keep the secret sauce in my hands for now. In doing so, I can’t let them see the URL’s

So, I’m tasked with downloading the zip files, manually search replace the webflow comments and names, then upload to my server to a client folder, lets say

With the $5 custom domain p/month option, can it do the following for me.

  1. An easier transition to allowing the client to see the latest design WITHOUT them seeing I’m using webflow.
    Speed is of the essence here.
  2. My branding so it looks professional > hence my custom domain - this is just for example, I’d sooo have a better domain :wink:
  3. With multiple clients, ex: client_01 and client_02 will, this allow me to provide them with a custom domain like
    This is the part I’m very very unclear on.

How does Webflows custom domain and my domain help me allow my clients to see updates when I make them (and notify them) without the reference to Webflow in the URL or code (I know I have to be in the professional plan to hide the webflow branding, [ Q: ] are classes still referenced as webflow in pro version?)

I’m looking to HIRE the $5 p/month custom domain to > give me quick posting of customer site updates without them seeing I’m using webflow, instead with my branding, its that simple.

This is good staring help file >
But it doesn’t help me better understand what it can allow me to do ;(

thanks everyone for taking the time to help me better understand how to get over this challenge.
@cyberdave - I know I’ve asked you something like this before, maybe there is an update on what webflow can now do #crossingfingers :wink:

pm me… I can tell you more if you want to know.

Go. take it. :wink:

The red one… the red one… No ! No !.. The other red one !

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