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Can you add a Template CMS to an existing project?

Two quick Q:s

  1. I’ve created a site / project for a client, but now they want a blog like feature, and there is a template that would be a good fit.

Can I purchase this template and associate it with this existing project?

  1. Same client, essentially same website - they are wanting the whole site CMS so they can edit it…BUT

2a. Part of the site, they want it to be mapped to a subdomain / custom.domain… so - is this possible or can we only use the custom domain on a CMS project to the root index domain?
P.s Yes, i know we could just do the - but they want the branding of the sub-domain and I’ve just used Blog as the placeholder here, its actually something a wee bit smarter :wink:

2b. I’d like to purchase a template to do the job of the blog function.

… or - would we need to separate these two projects as two different webflow sites? One with a custom-domain name to the root index.html of the domain and one to the sub-domain? & if so then the client couldn’t do this with the free starter package as it only allows for 1 project right? ;(


@thesergie / @PixelGeek - is there someone within the webflow team that can help me better understand if this is possible?

thxs :slight_smile:

You can’t add on a template to an existing site. There is no way to do that. You’d have to move all the content over to the template and use that as your site instead. If the template only contains the elements you want for the blog itself, you could simply get that template, set it up for the blog and buy CMS hosting and add the custom domain of Then customer will be the current site (you can add CMS hosting to this too for editing)
You can also set up customer to point to the subdomain via your registrar control panel.

The biggest downside to this workaround is that you are paying for 2 sites with CMS hosting. I would honestly suggest either copying the template into yours for the blog and have it all in one. The ability to copy/paste elements between sites may be released this year so you might want to wait. Sorry I don’t have better news.


that was exactly the hack I envisioned @DFink - but sadly the client would look at me like…that’s the best thing you can come up with…and doesn’t make me look to good.

The better workaround I’ll probably do is mimic the look / feel of the Template CMS I like since I can’t bring it into an existing site that’s been in Webflow for over a year! [ and i just read your 2nd paragraph…so your thinking like I am ;]

thxs D

Sorry that I don’t have better news. If it’s just the blog that you want to carry over, recreating a collection template shouldn’t take too long. I’ve built those in only an hour or 2.

No worries @DFink, appreciate the response. I just bit the bullet as we want two custom domains and the already built CMS will save me some time.


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It’s also much better for SEO to have the content on the root domain like Google considers as a totally different site.

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