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Custom domain issue

Hi ! Webflow is showing me an issue with my DNS records, but I don’t understand at all what is it about and what I’m supposed to do. Here are the screenshots, if someone can help It would be great… thank you very much. (et si quelqu’un peut m’aider en français ce serait top ;))

Hey @Laety

Webflow has recently introduced some additional A records. These will improve performance of your site.

The old A records will continue to work for some time. We will start to send out emails regarding this update soon.

Your site will continue to function fine with the old A records, however it is recommended you change to the new ones as soon as you can.

In your case, you will want to replace your top two A records starting with 76 and 16, with the A records displayed in your site dashboard.


Ok :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face: so it’s just that! thank you very much for the reply. I’ll tell my client to do this. I’ve been wondering for hours what I could have done wrong when everything seemed to be working fine :slight_smile: I also have the exact same issue on my portfolio, but this one is registered on Google Domain and I can’t seem to change / create A records, do you think you could help me on that too? Here are the screenshots.

Hm. That is a bit odd. It may already be set on your domain then. If you send through a support ticket, and include your domain name details, someone from our team can take a look in more detail.


Ok ! Maybe I’ll dot that. But the website is ok, so I think the only impact must be on SEO, I guess. Thanks for your help Drew !

Hi ! Help ! My client made the changes for A records as indicated by webflow but the website crashed ! (but Webflow was happy, no more issues alert !). I told him to get back to the older values but the site is definitively out. I sent a message to Webflow support but if you have any suggestion… My client really needs to have his website online now :cold_sweat: